Travel Writers Evening at Stanfords Maps

I’ve always loved Stanfords Maps, I used to hang out there when I was an art student at St. Martins just round the corner, flicking through guide books and maps, taking a  virtual world tour in my lunch break long before the internet existed. Then I met Mo Tomaney and we progressed to actually buying the maps and setting off hitch-hiking round europe.

The maps would come back like carnets de voyages crumpled and torn, with wine stains and messages on the back written in biro, oil pastels or lipstick – Roma, per favore. St Tropez s’il vous plait. Vatnajokull glacier please….

We didn’t quite make that last one… the road was closed, predictably, by ice. Yes I love maps but I’m not always great at reading them!

So I’m stoked to be a guest author at their Travel Writers evening on thursday (20th november), along with lots of amazing travelers ….. drinks and nibbles 5.30-8 at Stanfords Covent Garden branch

surf mama world tour

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