Surf Mama


Wilma Johnson was living on the west coast of Ireland with her family, balancing the challenges of being an artist, wife and mother, until, in her forties, she was gripped by a deep desire to seize the day, and moved to Biarritz to become a surfer. The plan hits troubled waters as she arrives in France with her marriage on the rocks and three children who speak no French. Her first attempts at surfing are disastrous, resulting in bruises, broken bones and a damaged ego, but when she experiences the euphoric feeling of catchingher first wave and sets up the Mamas Surf Club, it’s all worth it.

‘A rollicking read’ Bel Mooney in The Mail

You are rooting for her from the start and we defy anyone to read this book and not want to grab a surf board (or a body board, at least) and hit the waves. Let’s go surfin’! Psychologies Magazine

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