Indian Summertime

Autumn in Olatua isn’t so much the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – it’s more the season of scorching sun, big swells and surf pros slashing across the waves. South winds ice the village with Sahara dust, thunderstorms like Hammer Horror special effects shake the house at night.

You have to make the most of the Indian summer , because as anyone who lives here through the year will remind you, in ominous tones reminiscent of Game of Thrones…. ‘Winter is coming.’

We may not be awaiting the invasion of the undead and the cannibal hordes…. Just the bars all closing until spring, Olatua turning into a ghost town, 5mm wetsuits, gloves and booties. But remembering the apocalyptic weather last year, no-one wants to waste the last chance to surf in a swimsuit, sunbathe naked, walk through the village barefoot and drink piscines of iced rosé before it socks in.

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