August in Olatua


‘August is party season. The village is packed, the bars are packed, the wave is packed. Apart from the usual crowd you have to negotiate swimmers, divers harpooning octopus,rubber dinghies and jet-skis.’

Some people leave the village for August, the crowds are insane compared to the rest of the year, but sometimes it’s more fun to just go with it, fiestas in Pamplona, Bayonne and every other town village or hamlet in Pays Basque. Parties every night in the village square,from square dancing to Basque heavy metal and Clash tribute bands.

Now Daisy and Nat have left, they come home for August. Alice still lives her so she leaves for the month with an eastpak and an Interrail ticket. I’ve just come back from 5 weeks on the road so I decide to go with it and, ¬†remembering that Olatua will be a ghost town by midwinter, enjoy the madness.

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