Stormy Weather

It’s that time of year when anyone who can get out leaves town and posts up annoying photos of their feet, a pina colada and a palm tree on facebook – I usually love these photos  but the last week the Bay of Biscay has been chucking it at us weather described on my local swell check site as ‘disastrous and catastrophic’. Icing on the cake, the bars are all shuttered up until easter and the beaches have been closed by the police. I wondered as I took a sneaky walk at low tide if I would be arrested and whether it would be a good publicity stunt for my book.”Surf Mama defies ban and risks life to walk dogs’. Probably not, especially as I was wearing my son’s track suit pants and anorak, slightly glammed up by my Barbour International wellies which I have been wearing non stop since New Year’s Day. As I have to go out three times a day with my pack of crazy hounds I’ve been amusing myself by taking photos of the storms and welfies. That’s a word I invented I think… selfie in wellies.



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