Surf Mama Selfie Movie for Psychologies

road movie

Roadtrip footage…..




Psychologies magazine asked me to make a movie of my road trip round Ireland which ended up in Ballydavid/Baile na nGall, where I first started writing the diary that became Surf Mama 12 years ago. We had a great laugh filming, from the moving car, on windswept hillsides, in dark smokey bars…… Unfortunately most of the footage was unusable despite being filmed on my state of the art smart phone – partly because I had forgotten in my excitement that you have to film sideways…oh dear not ready for Cannes quite yet.

But Nick Morgan from Media Fox ‘with the help of strong coffee’ put together this cool selfie movie of me paddling in from the wave onto the beach at Ballydavid with newly published copy of Surf Mama in a ziploc bag……

Watch the video here

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